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During breeding season 2018 we handle following prices:


We work with a forfait. The forfait is covering the costs for rectal examination and insemination of your mare during the whole season.

  • Forfait fresh semen: €150,- ex.VAT (excl. stabling costs and medication)
  • Forfait frozen semen: €250,- ex. VAT (excl. stabling costs and medication)
  • Forfait embryotransfer *: €250,- ex. VAT (excl. stabling costs and medication).
    • Flushing with embryo €200,- ex. VAT (excl. transport costs to the ETcentre)
    • Flushing without embryo €150,- ex.VAT
  • Stabling €10,- per day ex. VAT
  • Field €8,- per day ex. VAT

For transport of the semen and the embryo's we work mostly with HippoXpress. The prices are (excl VAT):        

  • Belgium        €50,- (fresh, frozen and embryo's)
  • Netherlands   €60,- (fresh and frozen)
  • Germany, delivery the same day €80,- (fresh and frozen)
  • Germany, delivery day after €70,- (fresh) en €90,- (frozen)
  • France          €90,- (fresh) en €110,- (frozen)


*The forfait is per succeeded embryo (pregnancy of the carrier mare >6 weeks).